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    About Svenska tidningar

    In Svenska tidningar (ST) you can explore almost 400 years of Swedish press history. It contains material from nearly 2,000 different newspapers and journals. You need to visit KB, or other selected libraries that has the full version of ST, to access the material which is copyright protected. However, you can freely read the newspapers and journals that are older than 115 years wherever you are.

    Copyright protected material can only be accessed from Sweden.

    Except KB, the following libraries in Sweden offer full access to Svenska tidningar: https://feedback.blogg.kb.se/forums/topic/atkomst-till-upphovsrattsskyddade-dagstidningar-utanfor-kbs-lokaler/

    Growth and content

    ST is constantly growing with both historical titles and contemporary material. It takes 4 months from when a contemporary newspaper is published until it is available in ST, who also contain a smaller number of journals.

    List of digitized newspapers in ST: https://feedback.blogg.kb.se/files/2023/04/Dagstidningar_2023-04-24.pdf

    List of digitized journals in ST: https://feedback.blogg.kb.se/files/2023/09/Tidskrifter_2023-09-27.pdf

    ST includes all newspapers from 2014 onwards, as well as KB’s entire collection of newspapers published up to and including 1906. For the period 1907–2013, only selected parts of the press history are available. KB lacks funding to digitize historical newspapers and is therefore almost completely dependent on external funding to fill that gap.


    KB started digitizing its contemporary newspapers in 2014. Newspapers have been microfilmed since the 40s, and during the years 1979-2013 KB microfilmed the entire contemporary publication of newspapers. Many of our newspapers are therefore only available on microfilm in KB’s premises.

    List of newspapers on microfilm, available at KB and other Swedish libraries: https://www.kb.se/download/18.6090944716167b9cbe47a2/1609848974692/Mikrofilmade%20svenska%20dagstidningar%20p%C3%A5%20svenska%20bibliotek.pdf

    Other facts

    Estimated number of newspaper pages in KB’s archive: 160 million
    Estimated number of journal pages in KB’s archive: 40 million
    Estimated number of microfilmed newspaper pages at KB: 70 million
    Number of digitized newspaper pages in ST: 37.6 million
    Number of digitized journal pages in ST: 360,000
    Number of digitized pages in ST which are out of copyright: 6,7 million

    Jonas Ahlberg

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